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02-09-2014, 18:38
Now that's what you call REAL plane spotting!
Enthusiasts come within inches of death after military aircraft comes down short of the runway

Crowd of 1,000 watching final landing of military plane on Ballenstedt airfield in Saxony-Anhalt, central Germany
But pilot of 31-ton Transall C-160 aircraft suddenly reported she couldn't see start of runway from her cockpit
Brought aircraft down on a side road where spectators were standing and they almost ended up being crushed

As lucky bounces go it’s right up there with the Dambusters – and only narrowly missed ending in catastrophe. But this time it wasn’t the RAF dropping bouncing bombs on Germany, but the modern Luftwaffe inadvertently dropping one of its own transporter planes onto a busy main road, from where it bounced onto the runway, 30 yards away, as up to a thousand spectators watched in horror. It was the plane’s last fight and one its pilot, Captain Jasmin Kirsch, is unlikely to forget – but for all the wrong reasons.

Families, children and plane-spotters had come to celebrate what was billed by the authorities as ‘the final flight’ for the 31-tonne Transall C-160 military transporter plane. The drama unfolded as the colossal plane - which was being de-commissioned by Germany’s armed forces - came in too low and landed about 100feet short of the runway on a main road built along a raised embankment. The consequence of this was chillingly spectacular but potentially catastrophic. As spectators lined the runway capturing head-on in film and video the moments of the plane’s final approach and landing into Ballenstedt airport in Saxony-Anhalt in eastern Germany, its nose appeared to dip quite low. But horror struck as six of the plane’s landing wheels thudded into the raised road embankment causing the plane to bounce back into the air, with its wings waggling momentarily to the right.

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A chi interessa ...ho trovato anche il video (da 1m 40sec):


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